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Documenting Field Experience Hours

Field experience hours must be documented in the Field Experience Documentation System (FEDS). The documentation system provides important data to the Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching in determining whether a candidate has met the field experience requirement when applying for admission to student teaching. All field experience hours must be completed and recorded at the end of the quarter in which they were completed for student teaching clearance.

See the FEDS Guide.

Before going to a school for field experiences, candidates must enter important information about the school on the Field Experience Documentation System website:

Brief Instructions for using FEDS:

  1. A DePaul student username (not ID #) and Campus Connect password are required to enter the system.
  2. The first time a candidate logs onto FEDS s/he will be asked for demographic information. Fill this in and click "Next". This information will only be requested once, but the candidate can and should update it if his/her information changes at a later time. 
    (Look for the blue oval that says "Update Student Information.")
  3. Enter FEDS and complete the form for a new school. Click on the phrase "Enter Information for New Field Experience." Fill out the form completely and click "Submit." The system then goes back to the main summary page.
  4. Upon completing the required field experience hours for a course, enter FEDS and submit the number of hours completed at the school site by clicking on the "Input Hours" button next to the corresponding school. Then enter the number of hours spent at the site.
  5. When the documentation has been recorded, the field experiences will be validated after receiving a passing grade for the course.

Questions regarding field experiences or the Field Experience Documentation System (FEDS) should be directed to the Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching (COE-223) at (773) 325-7768 or​