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Field Experience & Student Teaching

​Each teacher education program requires supervised field experience and student teaching with Pre-K-12 students in area schools. These in-classroom learning opportunities are included as course assignments in specific courses in the academic program.​

Field Experience

Students are required to complete Level I and Level II Field Experiences prior to student teaching. The minimum number of required hours varies by program. 

Examples of field experiences include ​​​assisting teachers, administering assessments, tutoring individual students or teaching in small and large group settings. As part of the field experiences training, students are expected to practice in a variety of settings and grade levels.

Student Teaching

Following completing mandated field experience hours, the COE student becomes a student teacher. The student teacher remains a student and is expected to rely upon the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor for appropriate guidance and instruction.

The student teaching portion of your education is an opportunity for you to practice instructing under the eye of a seasoned professional and gain the experience you need to become a great teacher. Ask questions. Watch how the teacher manages the classroom. Learn how to deliver various lessons in front of a class. Receive feedback and improve upon your skills. Gain confidence as each day passes.