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Field Experience

Basic Requirements

  • Field experiences must be completed in at least three different schools, with a minimum of fifteen hours within each grade level/program category for which licensure is being pursued.
  • Students are required to complete a specified number of hours with exceptional children and in a multicultural setting.​
  • Field experiences must be completed in a classroom setting while school is in session and students are present.
  • Field experiences must be unpaid and supervised by a fully licensed educator. Professional behavior and dress are expected at all times.

CPS Field Experience Process

In order to complete field experience within the Chicago Public Schools, students must complete a two-step process. Field experience includes any students completing observations, pre-clinical hours, practicum experiences and any pre-student teaching experiences in CPS schools. Field experience is not the same as student teaching clearance.

For instructions on how to register for field experience within CPS and obtain a background check, visit here.

Please contact Kathy Iwashima at if you have any questions about background checks.

Mandated Reporter

While completing field experiences and preparing for student teaching, students should be aware of the Mandated Reporter Training, which will be required before student teaching. This training can be done at any time. DCFS has raised a concern that student teachers may not believe they are mandated reporters. All school personnel, including administrators and both licensed and non-licensed school employees, are considered mandated reporters. Student teachers are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect when acting in their professional or official capacity. Student teachers are required to fill out the appropriate Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status form. There is a self-paced training and then the individual completes CANTS 22, a form.

Please go to the Mandated Reporter Form.

At the end of the training students will take a quiz and then receive the Certificate of Completion (which must be printed out at the time of completion). Please make at least two copies and retain them with important documents.

Please contact the Office of Community Partnerships & Student Internships (CPSI) with any questions:


Kathy Iwashima 
Director of Community Partnerships & Student Internships
(773) 325-4274
2247 N. Halsted St., Office 145