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Policies, Forms, and Handbooks

The College of Education is committed to ensuring that our students are well prepared for the professions in which they will be working. A number of policies and forms guide the work and interactions of our students, faculty and staf​f in an effort to create consistency in our programs and accessibility to information.

Most programs have developed a set of professional standards, based on the standards of national and state organizations. These program standards specify the knowledge and skills expected of professional educators and counselors. Program curriculum is designed to address and assess these standards.

Dispositions are the professional beliefs, values systems and modes of conduct that are displayed by educators’ actions in and out of schools and community agencies. Educators with positive professional dispositions tend to act in ways that elevate the profession.

The College of Education provides many important forms in the Forms Library. You can find general forms, program handbooks and forms for field experiences, student teaching, internships, master's and doctoral work, licensure and more. We are currently in the process of transitioning our student-submitted forms to an online system that collects eSignatures. As they begin to be offered, these forms will be designed as ONLINE.​​