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CPS Registration & Background

​​In order ​to complete field experience within the Chicago Public Schools, students must complete a two-step process. Field experience includes any students completing observations, pre-clinical hours, practicum experiences and any pre-student teaching experiences in CPS schools. Field experience is NOT the same as student teaching clearance.

To get a Background Check there are two steps that must be followed:

  1. Registration Form - Visit Click on LEARN MORE. You will see Field Experience listed on the left hand side of the page. Complete Field Experience Registration (2nd bullet).
    1. ​Please enter Kathy Iwashima as the name of the University Coordinator.
    2. Enter for the email of the University Coordinator.
    3. There is a $60 fee for the background check
  2. Criminal Background Check Form - Complete Background Check (3rd bullet) for the CPS Fingerprinting Form. Print the 4 pages and take the pages to the Accurate Biometrics Office closest to you. You can find the locations by going to  Put the receipt that you will receive from Accurate Biometrics in a safe place. You will need it in case any questions should arise.
After your livescan fingerprints are completed, Accurate Biometrics will send your fingerprints to the Illinois State Police and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Once your fingerprints have been cleared, the ISP and the FBI will send the clearance to Accurate Biometrics. Accurate Biometrics will send the clearance to CPS. CPS will then send you an e-mail with your Approval Notice form attached. This will take at least two weeks to be processed. The Approval Notice is valid for all of your field experiences until it is time to Student Teach. When you are getting ready to student teach, you will go through the process one more time.

Please contact Kathy Iwashima at if you have any questions about background checks.

Please contact Dania Odeh, assistant director, at if you have any questions about student teaching.