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Documenting Field Experience Hours

Field experience hours must be documented in the Field Experience Documentation System (FEDS) to ensure that students meet the required hours for qualification to begin student teaching. All field experience hours should be completed and recorded by the end of the quarter in which students finish their observations.

Before going to a school for field experiences, student​s need to input school information on the
FEDS website.

Brief Instructions for using FEDS:
  • Use your BlueKey Authentication to access FEDS.
  • During the first login, you'll be required to register for the system. Subsequent logins will bring you directly to your homepage.
  • When you complete your hours at the end of the quarter, report the school, start and end dates, school type and number of hours you've completed. Faculty will verify the accuracy of the provided information.
  • For questions about field experiences or FEDS, contact the Office of Community Partnerships and Student Internships at