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IBEC Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The certificate is comprised of 4 modules that are accessed online. Older catalogs from IB may list the course as being blended. This is out of date. Student can complete this course anywhere and at any time around the world. 

IB has a plethora of fantastic workshops for educators. If you know the name of the programs you have attended or completed, you may address this question directly to the IBEC program director Dr. Donna Kiel: 

Registration for the IB Educator Certificate can be done two ways: on-line or over the phone.


The online process is pretty simple. Student should first create an account here:

After the student has an account they can complete the registration here:

Students who have qualified for a scholarship will be given a coupon code and they will need to enter it on the on-line registration form.   

Over the phone

Students who wish to register for the IBEC over the phone can do so by calling the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) office. A CPE representative will help you register and take payment information over the phone. If a student has qualified for scholarship funds they will be given a coupon code and should give it to the CPE representative when registering.

CPE Registration Office
Phone: 312-362-6300

After completing the course registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) office. You will need login credentials to access the course. These credentials will be created automatically. It generally takes 3-4 business days to receive the login credentials. If you do not receive your login information, please contact Brennan Palmer:

There is no registration deadline. Students can register on-line at any time. Unlike other courses at DePaul that run on a quarterly basis, the IB Educator Certificate enrolls on a rolling basis.  When a student is ready they can register immediately and not have to wait for cohort to form.

We know teachers lead busy lives. The course is student-paced so it fits into your schedule. You complete the 4 online modules when you have time. As a guideline, we say it may take between 6 and 22 weeks. Some students are able to take advantage of holidays and school breaks to move through the course fairly quickly. Others take their time. Either way works for us. All the materials are there when you need them. 

Yes. As this is an IB course we are keenly aware that many students will be from outside of the United States. We have had students enroll in the course from many countries across the globe. Some student have opted to take a TOEFL course prior to enrollment, but this not a requirement.  

All payments must be made in full before a student can register and begin the course. Unfortunately, installments or delayed payments are not permitted at this time.

There are three payment options currently available. You can pay online, via telephone or mail.


Students who wish to register for the course must create an account and then can pay online with a credit or debit card.

After the student has an account they can complete the registration here:


Students can register over the phone and submit payment that way as well. To do this contact Continuing and Professional Education at 312-362-6300  


Personal checks are also acceptable and can mailed directly to:
DePaul University | Continuing and Professional Education 
14 E Jackson Blvd STE 1010
Chicago, Illinois, 60604

The program does not participate in traditional federal financial aid programs. We do however offer discounted tuition in the form of merit scholarships. For more information regarding the scholarships, please contact Brennan Palmer:

Yes! We welcome working with local, regional, national and international school. We are able to register school cohorts at a drastically reduced rate.  For cohort registration, please contact Brennan Palmer: