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Office of Innovative Professional Learning

In response to requests for professional development from various businesses, community organizations and educational institutions, DePaul University’s College of Education launched the Office of Innovative Professional Learning (OIPL) in 2014. Offering both standardized programs and custom professional development, OIPL’s training is led by College of Education faculty members who rely on best practices and creating a professional learning community. 

“People need to learn how to train their staff in appropriate ways. They all have the content, but they don’t have the teaching skills. That’s where the OIPL comes in, and we’re excited to extend the mission of the university into new avenues.”
-  Dean Paul Zionts, College of Education

OIPL has successfully collaborated with schools and organizations seeking growth, collaboration, and excellence. The services available through OIPL are highly customized and interactive; online and in-person; and both teach and model best practices.

Explore these custom professional development options and the International Baccalaureate Educator Certificates.

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