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Customized Professional Development

The DePaul University Office of Innovative Professional Learning (OIPL) offers professional development customized to your organization's needs.  In order to support teachers, administrators and others seeking a strong skill set in how to teach, programs offered through OIPL are facilitated using a variety of modes including; on-site, web conferencing, and online courses.

Beyond the “one and done” model of professional development, OIPL professional learning creates a community of learners.  The OIPL model of professional development provides training, mentoring, coaching and research for any area of educational improvement.  

The work of OIPL is carried out by faculty of DePaul University’s College of Education. The experience, expertise, and personalization offered by DePaul faculty are unparalleled.  The services of OIPL unite these expert faculty with partners in a collaborative relationship during which our faculty work collectively with other DePaul faculty and the OIPL partner to achieve optimum results. 

"The partnership with DePaul is exciting. Teachers will have more opportunities to collaborate with one another to help prepare our students for inquiry, thought, collaboration, communication, and reflection; all the skills necessary to be competitive in higher education and the work force."

- Tina Gauthier, Director of the Sullivan Program
Guerin College Preparatory High School, River Grove, IL

Previous organizations that have benefited from collaboration with the Office of Innovative Professional Learning are Rush Medical College, the Wisconsin International Academy (WIA), Cisco Systems, Fluid Content Media, Inc. and the Greater Chicago International Academy (GCIA). 

The professional development facilitated by OIPL is school-embedded and constructed with knowledge of the students and faculty of the partner organization.  OIPL offers support in identifying needs and creating programs to meet goals. 

Some of the categories of service offered by OIPL include:

OIPL helps institutions optimize opportunities when confronted by the challenges that may include enrollment decline, changing demographics, external evaluation, new partnerships, and changing learning models..


  • Professional development focused on teaching
  • Mentoring programs
  • Strategic planning
  • Board Retreats
  • Faculty visioning
  • Leadership training

OIPL coordinates developing consensus by engaging stakeholders, and utilizing data to stimulate dialogue and inform decisions, provide structure to create a unified vision, and to guide the prioritization of initiatives..

Examples include:

  • Board Retreats and Planning
  • Visioning with faculty
  • Creating CRTC

OIPL helps organizations conceive, plan, and launch global initiatives.

Examples include:

  • Planning for International Services
  • Utilizing technology to create global partnerships
  • Training global leaders

OIPL provides mentoring and support to help professionals design, develop, and launch new education ventures.

Previous topics include:

  • Creation of New Learning Models
  • Launching New Curriculum
  • Preparation for External Evaluation
  • Changing existing programs

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