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Degree Conferral

The awarding of a degree is not automatic. You must meet all requirements and submit an application to be considered for the degree. DePaul awards and posts degrees on your transcript at the end of each regular academic term (autumn, winter, spring and  summer). Diplomas are mailed within 10 weeks after the term in which you graduated.

Degree Conferral Application

It is your responsibility to initiate the degree conferral application process by submitting an online application. Submitting an application means you intend to finish your degree requirements by the end of the term for which you have applied. Once you submit the application, you cannot register for any term after the one selected in the application.

Application deadlines are as follows:

Autumn Quarter - Oct. 1
Winter Quarter - Jan. 15
Spring Quarter - Feb. 1
Summer Quarter - July 15

To apply for degree conferral, follow the steps listed on the DePaul Central website.

Degree Conferral Requirements

Undergraduate students must be approved for student teaching and complete student teaching and capstone (or internship) to be cleared for the degree.

Graduate students are eligible for degree conferral when all degree requirements are completed (degree requirements vary by program - check with your advisor). Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements are complete. You should maintain regular communication with your assigned academic advisors about degree requirements.

All degree requirements must be complete by the degree conferral date, including the resolution of all incomplete (IN), missing (M) and continuing research (R) grades. Papers are due to faculty advisors far in advance of the degree posting date. Individuals transferring courses must submit official transcripts by the last date of the quarter. Make sure you submit documents on time or you will not be eligible for degree conferral until the next posting date.


Official dates are listed on the Academic Calendar. Transcripts are a legal verification of the awarding of your degree. 

To order transcripts, log on to Campus Connect. Select SELF SERVICE, then ACADEMIC RECORDS, then REQUEST OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.

If you have applied for degree conferral, please check your unofficial transcript to verify the awarding of your degree before ordering official transcripts. For additional information about transcripts, please visit the Transcripts page on the DePaul Central website.


Diplomas are automatically ordered at the time your degree is posted and mailed to you. However, address labels are generated several weeks in advance of the mailing. If your address will change after you graduate, you must indicate your new address in Campus Connect several weeks in advance of the end of the quarter so  your diploma will be mailed to your new address. To change your address log on to Campus Connect and go to SELF SERVICE, then click PERSONAL INFORMATION, then ADDRESSES. For more information regarding diplomas, please visit the Diplomas page on the DePaul Central website.​