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Featured Course - Winter 2020

Dr Takahashi
Lesson Study:  Research & Practice

T&L 615 Special Topics (4 graduate credit hours)

A fully-online course led by renowned, internationally known scholar Dr. Akihiko Takahashi

Dr Takahashi's Work

Lesson Study, originated in Japan, is a practice-based, research-oriented, student-focused, collaborative mode of professional development (Fernandez and Yoshida 2004; Lewis and Tsuchida 1997; Stigler and Hiebert 1999).

This course will:

  • Cover the history, cultural and instructional perspectives of lesson study in Japan where LS has been practiced system-wide over a century
  • Explore the adaptation of Lesson Study in selected educational systems
  • Put together and extend the current research efforts on adaptation, conceptualization, and theorization of lesson study in order for the participants to seek an effective implementation of Lesson Study to the schools outside Japan
  • Use Lesson Study for preparing prospective mathematics teachers
  • Identify ideal implementation of Lesson to improve mathematics teaching and learning

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