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Akihiko Takahashi


  • PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois
  • MS, University of Illinois
  • BEd in Mathematics Education, Tokyo Gakugei University (Japan)

Courses Taught

  • EE 333 Teaching and Learning Elementary Mathematics
  • T&L 416 Teaching and Learning Elementary Mathematics
  • MAT 110 Mathematics for elementary teachers I
  • MAT 111 Mathematics for elementary teachers II

Research Interests
Mathematics Teaching and Learning; Curriculum; Teacher Professional Development; Lesson Study

Selected Publications
Takahashi, A., & McDougal, T. (2016). Collaborative lesson research: maximizing the impact of lesson study. ZDM, 1-14. doi:10.1007/s11858-015-0752-x

Takahashi, A. (2016). Recent Trends in Japanese Mathematics Textbooks for Elementary Grades: Supporting Teachers to Teach Mathematics through Problem Solving.Universal Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 4(2), 7. doi:10.13189/ujer.2016.040201

Takahashi, A. (2014b). Supporting the Effective Implementation of a New Mathematics Curriculum: A case study of school-based lesson study at a Japanese public elementary school. In I. Y. Li & G. Lappan (Eds.),Mathematics curriculum in school education (pp. 417-441). New York: Springer.

Takahashi, A. (2014a). The Role of the Knowledgeable Other in Lesson Study: Examining the Final Comments of Experienced Lesson Study Practitioners. Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, 16(1), 4-21. 

Takahashi, A. (2011a). The Japanese approach to developing expertise in using the textbook to teach mathematics rather than teaching the textbook. In Y. Li & G. Kaiser (Eds.),Expertise in Mathematics Instruction: An international perspective (pp. 197-219). New York: Springer.

Curriculm Vitae