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Leadership, Language & Curriculum
Leadership, Language & Curriculum
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The Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum prepares educational practitioners, leaders, and scholars to engage in a variety of education and community settings. The department offers master's degrees and minors in Bilingual-Bicultural Education, cross-departmental bachelor's and master's degrees in and World Languages Education, master's and doctoral degrees in Curriculum Studies, Educational Leadership, and Value Creating Education. Students enhance their careers by combining their passion for education, experience in the field and leadership potential. Our graduates are transformational leaders in a variety of roles, including bilingual-bicultural specialists, curriculum designers, teacher leaders, principals, superintendents, educational advocates and policy makers.

- Dr. Sonia Soltero, Department Chair

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“I learned to think innovatively about the ways to best support the students my college serves and the departments that I oversee. The program undeniably shaped the way that I define leadership and made me more confident about pursuing leadership roles.”

Chanel (Educational Leadership MEd ’13)

Interim Associate Dean of Student Services, City Colleges of Chicago
Chanel, Educational Leadership MEd alumna