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Special Education Minor

The Special Education Minor will prepare general educators to work with a variety of learners with disabilities in their classrooms. If desired, upon completion of the minor candidates will be eligible to take the Learning-Behavior Specialist Test (#155) to earn the special education endorsement on their primary license. This will enable candidates to teach in general or special education classrooms within their licensure range. Beyond increasing candidates’ foundational knowledge and repertoire of teaching skills, adding an endorsement to primary licensure will enhance versatility in the job market.
The movement toward inclusive practices in schools requires educators to be prepared to work with individuals with disabilities in their classrooms.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2015), in 2011 95% of students with disabilities were served in regular schools, with 61% spending 80% or more of their time inside the general education classroom. It is therefore beneficial for general education candidates to learn techniques, methods, and strategies to assist students with disabilities in their classrooms.

Course Requirements

The Special Education Minor requires 26 credit hours (7 courses). This includes 4 core courses plus one course from each of 3 areas as seen below.

Core Courses

 Area 1 (choose one of the following):

Area 2 (choose one of the following):

Area 3 (choose one of the following):

Minor in Special Education with LSB1 Endorsement
This option is only available to undergraduates in the College of Education pursuing ISBE licensure.
The minor with endorsement requires the 7 courses above, plus a passing score on the ISBE Learning-Behavior Specialist Test (#155).
Note: Students in DePaul's College of Education program in Special Education cannot select the Special Education Minor.

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Minor for Non-education Majors

While not approved for the Special Education minor, non-education majors may pursue the Exceptionality and Learning Minor which features similar coursework. 

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