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Exceptionality and Learning (Minor)

The needs of children and youth with disabilities are met by a variety of professionals working in contexts inside and outside of schools, including backgrounds such as psychology, nursing, health science, and public health studies. The Exceptionality and Learning Minor is designed to prepare candidates in fields outside of education to understand and effectively work with children and youth with disabilities. Course content within the minor includes typical and atypical development, characteristics of individuals with disabilities, collaborative practices, and behavior management, all considered within and beyond the classroom setting. This minor is designed to appeal to candidates from fields outside of education.

Course Requirements

The Exceptionality and Learning Minor requires 20 credit hours (5 courses).
Note: Students in DePaul's College of Education program in Special Education cannot select the Exceptionality and Learning Minor. Likewise, College of Education students pursing the Special Education Minor cannot select the Exceptionality and Learning Minor. This minor does not lead to credentials with the Illinois State Board of Education. 

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