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CET Equipment

The Center for Educational Technology has various of equipment that can be checked out by faculty and staff. Please contact  to submit a request. It is recommended that reservations be made at least one week prior to the pick-up date. For more information, see the CETPolices.

Full List of Available Equipment

Short Description
Projector Can be connected to multiple devices (computer, iPad, etc.) and projects image onto surface. Video Tutorial
External Hard Drive Allows user to store 1tb of data on external drive
Elmo Projector Captures image via onboard camera and feeds it to computer/projector via video link
iPod Touch A touch-screen device with mp3 and browser capabilities
Wireless Printer Prints without wires
Pulse Smartpens Records audio during usage and digitizes written notes
Presentation Clickers Assist in digital presentations with laser and helpful buttons.Video Tutorial
Polaroid Pogo photo printer Pocket-sized easy-to-use photo printer Video Tutorial
Analog to Digital video converter Converts analog formats like VHS to digital format
Point and shoot digital cameras User-friendly digital cameras
Camcorders User-friendly digital video recorders
Yeti, Rode, Zoom H4 & 
Olympus Audio recording devices
Converts audio into high quality digital format
Apple TV Assists users to stream HD content from IPad, IPhone and other Apple devices
Flip Cams Pocket-sized easy-to-use camcorder
Flip cam tripods Short-legged tripods for flip cams
Portable speaker​
Small easy-to-carry speakers​
Apple-brand laptop with IOS operating system and access to Apple applications​
Dell Laptops​
Dell-brand laptop with Windows operating system and access to Windows applications​
USB 1 to 10 port hub​
Allows one to turn 1 USB port into 10 USB ports​
External DVD/CD drive​s
Useful for laptops without a DVD/CD Drive (ie. Macbook Air)​
Stabilizes camera for video recording or photo shooting​
Mic stand​
Microphone Stands​
Projector Screen​
Easy-to-use projector screen used with a projector​
USB power adapter​
Connects USB cables to wall outlets​
DSLR Camera​
Digital single lens reflex camera. 
More advanced camera option. Video Tutorial​
Various Dongles​
Attaches computer to control access to a particular application​