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About Us

Our Mission and Goals

The Center for Educational Technology (CET) supports the use and integration of technology resources in the College of Education. Its mission is to provide support for the technology needs of the college and to provide leadership in the advanced use of that technology in the academic preparation of current and future education and counseling professionals. The CET strives to ensure that the College of Education has a community of practitioners who use technological resources to their fullest, most equitable and socially just potential.

  • Establish and maintain the COE as a leader in the use of educational technology. (Vision 2018 Objective 1D)
  • Support the preparation of graduates to integrate into their professional endeavors appropriate, meaningful and socially equitable and just uses of educational technology. (Vision 2018 Objectives 1A, 3B)
  • Strategically promote and support online and hybrid teaching and learning in the COE. (Vision 2018 Objective 1C)
  • Strategically promote and support the use of technology through community connections within the global city of Chicago. (Vision 2018 Objective 2B)
  • Support educational technology research. (Vision 2018 Objective 1C)
  • Acquire and maintain educational technology equipment and resources in the COE. (Vision 2018 Objective 2C)​