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Integrative Knowledge E-Portfolio

Integrative Knowledge E-Portfolio for Students

Integrative Knowledge E-Portfolios (IKEs) are places where our students reflect on their lifelong and life-wide experiences, integrate personal and professional knowledge, and explore the impact of beliefs and knowledge on their roles and actions as professional educators and counselors. IKEs are a canvas on which students can weave together, challenge and showcase their knowledge, values, goals and professional identities.

Pilot Initiative

Beginning in spring 2009, the Center for Educational Technology and COE launched the first stages of the IKE Pilot Project which involved working with a small number of students in workshop and advising contexts. Since that time, coordinators Liliana Barro Zecker and Katie Van Sluys, in collaboration with Calley O'Neil, Sarah Brown and Chris Worthman, have worked to expand integrated use of IKEs within COE programs. Currently, seven College of Education programs are at various stages of IKE integration. Students involved with IKE initiatives in their program are using an e-portfolio platform, Digication, as a learning tool to engage in critical reflection, connect experiences across their program and articulate professional identities.

Watch the video below that highlights student feedback.

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