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Student Teaching

​​​The student teaching portion of your education is an opportunity for you to practice instructing under the eye of a seasoned professional and gain the experience you need to become a great teacher. Ask questions. Watch how the teacher manages the classroom. Learn how to deliver various lessons in front of a class. Receive feedback and improve upon your skills. Gain confidence as each day passes.​

To advance to student teaching, a student must have a minimum of a cumulative GPA of 2.75 (undergraduate) or 3.00 (graduate). All academic coursework and content area tests must be successfully completed. Three online faculty evaluations for student teaching are required. 

The student teaching experience consists of teaching a full-day, every day for 11 weeks, one academic quarter (11 weeks). Students may not act as a substitute teacher or accept payment from their student teaching placement site. A capstone (undergraduates) or seminar (graduates) course accompanies the student teaching experience and meets regularly throughout the quarter. Students are assigned a cooperating teacher (on-site) and a university supervisor (DePaul faculty) to monitor their progress. 

Are you planning to student teach within the next 1-2 years?

Please contact the Office of Field Experiences & Student Teaching with any questions.

2247 N. Halsted St., Room 223
Chicago, IL 60614