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Content Area Tests & Study Guides

​​The Content Area Tests measure how well students know the subject matter they will teach. Each test contains 125 multiple choice questions. 

Tests by Code an​​d Name

Test Code Test
170 Agricultural Education (last test date 1/21/18)
215 Agricultural Education (first test date 1/22/18)
171 Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
038 Computer Science
140 Dance
141 Drama/Theatre Arts
107 Early Childhood Education (last test date 1/21/18)
206 Early Childhood Education (first test date 1/22/18)
152 Early Childhood Special Education
197–200 Elementary Education (Grades 1–6)
110 Elementary/Middle Grades
125 English as a New Language
111 English Language Arts
172 Family and Consumer Sciences
312 Gifted Education (NES®)
173 Health Careers
142 Health Education (last test date 1/21/18)
211 Health Education (first test date 1/22/18)
155 Learning Behavior Specialist I
175 Library Information Specialist
115 Mathematics
201 Middle Grades (5–8) Language Arts
202 Middle Grades (5–8) Mathematics
203 Middle Grades (5–8) Science
204 Middle Grades (5–8) Social Science
143 Music
144 Physical Education
176 Reading Specialist (last test date 1/21/18)
221 Reading Specialist (first test date 1/22/18)
177 Reading Teacher
181 School Counselor
182 School Nurse
183 School Psychologist (last test date 1/21/18)
237 School Psychologist (first test date 1/22/18)
184 School Social Worker
105 Science: Biology
106 Science: Chemistry
108 Science: Earth and Space Science
112 Science: Environmental Science
116 Science: Physics
109 Social Science: Economics
113 Social Science: Geography
114 Social Science: History
117 Social Science: Political Science
118 Social Science: Psychology
121 Social Science: Sociology and Anthropology
163 Special Education General Curriculum Test
154 Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching
153 Speech-Language Pathologist: Teaching
150 Teacher of Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
151 Teacher of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
174 Technology Education (last test date 1/21/18)
219 Technology Education (first test date 1/22/18)
178 Technology Specialist
145 Visual Arts

​Study Guides

Although each state has its own standards and test structure for teacher certification, many of the certification tests use the same test bank of questions. This makes the study guides and practice tests below a useful resource to test your knowledge. Please keep in mind that the ILTS study guide is the only resource for Illinois test standards and structure.


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