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Find Your Advisor

The College of Education provides several types of advising based on your program.

Academic Advising: Students in all education programs (except the Counseling program) are assigned an Academic Advisor. Assignments are based on your program. You can meet with an academic advisor at any point in your studies and is your primary source of information about curriculum, policies, licensure and administrative procedures.

Advising for the Counseling Program: Students in the Counseling program have a dedicated Counseling advisor to assist with your program. Counseling Advisorsare the primary source of information to discuss course planning, field experiences, goal setting, career planning and internship preparation. 

Content Advising: Graduate students in Secondary Education, World Language and Early Childhood Education have assigned faculty advisors called Content Advisors. Students should meet with their content advisor soon after beginning the program for an evaluation of previous coursework to determine if additional coursework is needed in the subject area.

AUSL Advising: Graduate students accepted into the AUSL program will have both an Academic Advisor and a Faculty Advisor. Assignments are based on your subject area. You will meet with an academic advisor or faculty advisor prior to beginning your program.

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