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Content Area Advising

Content Areas are the main subject areas for Secondary and World Language majors in the Teacher Education programs. It is both a licensure and degree requirement. Graduate students must consult with their Content Area Advisors for a transcript review to determine if deficiencies exist in their content area and if additional coursework is needed. Content area courses must be completed before student teaching.  

Licensure Requirements are subject to change for the discretion of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Secondary Education Content Advisors:
Biology Chris Worthman
Chemistry Chris Worthman
Physics Chris Worthman


Chris Worthman (00-50)* 773-325-4690
 Bob Meyer (51-99)* 773-325-1779
Chris Worthman
History & Social Science James Wolfinger (00-50)* 773-325-4290
 Hilary Conklin (51-99)* 773-325-2595
Stephanie Whitney 773-325-7218
Visual Art Jim Duignan 773-325-4331

*Students are assigned a Content Advisor based on the last 2 digits of their student ID number. 

World Language Education Content Advisors:
Arabic  Nesreen Akhtarkhavari 773-325-8639 

Chinese  Li Jin  773-325-1882
French  Polly Mangerson 773-325-2916
German Anna Souchuk 773-325-2071
Italian Caterina Mongiat-Farina 773-325-1885
Japanese  Nobuko Chikamatsu  773-325-1868 
Spanish  Glen Carman 773-325-1869

Middle Grades Content Advisors:
Language Arts Chris Worthman 773-325-4690
Math Stephanie Whitney 773-325-7218​
Science Chris Worthman
Social Science Hillary Conklin 773-325-2595