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Degree Requirements

Core Courses

Course Title Quarter Hours
CS 794 Special Topics in Curriculum Studies 4
VCE 711 Value-Creating Approaches to Society, Knowledge, and Power 4
VCE 720 Human Revolution in Schools and Society 4
VCE 731 Human Education and the Poetic Spirit 4
VCE 760 Dialogue and Education 4
VCE 795 Special Topics in Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship 4

Research Courses

Course Title Quarter Hours
SCG 775 Foundations of Inquiry and Educational Research 4
SCG 785

VCE 770
Foundations of Reviewing Educational Research
Ikeda/Soka Studies in Education
SCG 735 Quantitative Research Methods I 4
SCG 745 Qualitative Research Methods I 4
SCG 755

SCG 765
Quantitative Research Methods II
Qualitative Research Methods II

Elective Courses

Choose Five

Course Title Quarter Hours
A&S 688 Service Learning for Higher Education 4
A&S 801 Leadership Theory & Practice 4
A&S 843 The Politics of Schooling 4
BBE 606 Leadership in Educating Culturally Diverse Learners 4
CS 694 Curriculum 2.0: Curriculum for Learning in Global Networks 4
CS 751 Curriculum for Human & Community Development 4
CS 764 Youth Development, Ideology, Culture and Society 4
CS 784 Curriculum and Program Design 4
SCG 627 Global Studies in Education Seminar 4
SCG 711 Culture, Power, and Education 4
VCE 733 Peacebuilding and Education 4

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 prior to the completion of 36 credit hours and 3.3 after the completion of 36 credit hours. Students are allowed no more than two grades of “C.” Upon receiving a third grade of “C,” students must retake the class in which the grade was received. Grades of “D” and “F” require that the course be retaken.

Course Requirements
18 courses; 72 credits​