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Degree Requirements

PhD Degree Requirements

Specific degree requirements are determined according to the concentration chosen by the student. Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) concentrations are available in General and Higher Education.

Please review the concentration requirements pages for more information.

Please note: a dissertation of original research is completed for all Educational Leadership PhD concentrations in conjunction with faculty advisement. Preparation for the writing of the dissertation includes a Candidacy Paper and Dissertation Proposal. Oral examination for Candidacy, Dissertation Proposal and Dissertation are required. Consult the Doctoral Program Handbook for additional information.

Academic Standards

Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 prior to the completion of 36 credit hours and 3.3 after the completion of 36 credit hours. Students are allowed no more than two grades of “C.” Upon receiving a third grade of “C,” students must retake the class in which the grade was received. Grades of “D” and “F” require that the course be retaken.

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