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Additional Options

The EdS in Curriculum Studies has three additional options: Principal Preparation, Superintendent, and Teacher Leader.

Principal Preparation Option

This Illinois State Board of Education approved program, is designed for licensed teachers who already hold a master's degree in education and are seeking principal licensure.  The program offers a powerful, discipline-based curriculum with a problem-solving orientation that prepares effective and principled decision-makers. Graduates from the program are prepared to assume school and district administrative and supervisory roles.

Additional Program Requirements

An additional 44 quarter hours:


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Superintendent Option

Education EdS students can pursue the Superintendent Endorsement, which is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. Students must be admitted to the doctoral program in the College of Education and complete requirements of the program to qualify for the Superintendent Endorsement.

Additional Program Requirements

Curriculum Studies EdS students must also complete the following courses along with the superintendent internship:

Superintendent Internship Requirement:

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Teacher Leader Option

This program is ideal for students who are educators in K-12 environments and are seeking leadership roles, excluding principalship. Such roles include, but are not limited to: curriculum specialists, coaches, mentor teachers, department chair or lead teachers, content specialists, teacher leaders charged with supervisor roles, and program leaders. The program meets the standards set forth by the state of Illinois for the endorsement of Teacher Leader.

Additional Program Requirements

Teacher Leader Core Courses: (10 courses, 40 quarter hours)

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