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CSE in the Media

Read about the excellent students, faculty, programs, and facilities of the Department of Counseling and Special Education.   

School Counseling - National Center for Transformative School Counseling
Melissa Ockerman and Erin Mason were interviewed for a story about the School Counseling Program becoming the 24th affiliate of the Education Trust’s National Center for Transformative School Counseling (NCTSC) Initiative.

Erin Mason
Erin Mason was recently interviewed for a story about child behavior in the Southtown Star, part of the Sun-Times News Group. 

Beverly Trezek
Beverly Trezek was featured on ABC News recently for her work on teaching reading to students who are deaf and hard of hearing.
See the video clip...

School Counseling Program
The School Counseling program has been recognized as one of the largest in in Illinois and one of the most sought after programs at DePaul. DePaul graduates are recognized by school principals as among the best.

Brooke Doppelt   
Dual certification program graduate Brooke Doppelt works with students with learning disabilities at Hyde Park Day School. Brooke and her school are featured in the Chicago Tribune.

Kathryn McAuley
Counseling program graduate Kathryn McAuley, a counselor at Kelvyn Park High School, works with ninth graders to facilitate their transition to high school. She is featured in Education Week.

Christine Mayle
Dual certification program graduate Christine Mayle, a special education teacher at de la Cruz Middle School, is recognized by her principal as a "star."  She is featured in the Chicago Union Teacher. 

The Family Lab
The department's Family Lab, a facility that works with Chicago area children and youth who are struggling readers, is recognized as providing affordable tutoring. The Family Lab is featured in the Chicago Union Teacher.