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Lift As You Climb

Lift as You Climb
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​​Pathways to leadership for social and educational justice

Lift as You Climb (LAYC) is an inter-generational leadership development program housed in DePaul University’s College of Education. Dedicated facilitators, advisors, community liaisons and members of the university community provide programmatic supports that promote participants’ independent and collective goals. With educational leadership and the broader educational landscape as its focus, Lift serves as a site of critical engagement.

This participant-driven program addresses challenges within and facing the city’s educational systems and surrounding communities. Rectifying deep-seated chasms in education–growing concerns regarding housing, immigration, discrimination, segregation and access to essential resources–requires forward-thinking approaches to systemic change. The nation’s educational landscape is transforming drastically: an increasingly diverse student population, escalating rates of teachers leaving the workforce, and declining graduation rates. Lift as You Climb is a programmatic approach to understanding and addressing these challenges.

LAYC Mission Statement

LAYC personalizes leadership development through practical application and relationship-building. It expands and connects an engaged community of change agents, and is committed to inclusion, equitable opportunities/representation, individual agency, and a shared dedication to social change.