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Our Activities

Girls Working Together
inSTEM's learning environment is built around a love of learning, collaborating with peers and mentors, and bringing the participants' creativity to life. Our programs include fun science and engineer design process activities, mathematical modeling and problem solving, game and app coding, and TEAM Art Exploration in partnership with the Chicago Art Institute.

All of our activities are designed to empower these young women and engage them in all that science, technology, engineering and math have to offer.

A Day in the Life at inSTEM

At inSTEM, girls have an opportunity to meet and build friendships through fun and learning

Ice Breakers and STEM Learning

Every morning begins with an icebreaker which aims to leave tensions behind and kickstart the day with a fun activity, get to know each other, and team build.

Next, our participants engage in hands-on experiences that are related to the STEM lesson of the day. Through these experiences they learn to problem-solve, work in a team, and work towards a final project.

"I learned building cars is fun; I learned it’s hard to make a seat for an egg; I learned teamwork is awesome.” 

– Agatha, incoming 6th grader, Solar-panel cars participant

Enrichment Activities

In the afternoon, participants are engaged in a variety of activities such as empowerment, fun science, art & engineering, and the Flagway math game. These activities focus on the participants personal and professional growth.

This year (2019) inSTEM offered a special program in partnership with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH). SGH volunteers introduced fundamental concepts of civil engineering to our 7th and 8th grade participants. In one challenge, participants built a beam or slab out of chocolate with various reinforcing materials (marshmallows, pretzel sticks, gummy bears, M&M’s); and compared it to composite materials such as reinforced concrete and why two materials together are stronger than one.

Girls Working Together


Participants engage in activities that practice mindfulness, explore their emotions, positive reinforcement and image, self-care and coping

Fun Science

From slime to pendulums to bath bombs, these hands-on and take home activities are always a hit!

Art & Engineering

Participants are given a space to express their creative side and connect it to the world around them

Field Trips

Being on DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus is a perfect way to be exposed to a university and experience the many resources offered to you. This year inSTEM visited the DePaul Art Museum and Maker’s Lab.

At the DePaul Art Museum, participants were given a tour of the current exhibits: Eric J Garcia: The Balk Eagle’s Toupee  and New Age, New Age: Strategies for Survival. Popular stops included Bob Ross paintings and an interactive art piece that sends electric waves from one participant to another.

During the trip to the MakerHub, the young women experienced hands-on activities such as Magnetic Slime, Robot Bowling and Races using Spheros and Lego Mindstorms, DNA molecules game, 3D Scanning (students learned to scan each other), 3D pens; and viewed demonstrations of 3D printing, Laser Cutting, and Vinyl Cutting. 

“We worked pretty well and we had a good system going during today; It takes a while to turn but we are pretty good at it except it takes a little trial and error; I think they [activities] are bordering on challenging but they aren’t hard or easy. It is like right in between.”

– Isabel, incoming 7th grader, Robotics participant