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Hot Off the Press

Build on the ideas you learned as a student by exploring these new works by College of Education faculty members.

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Dual Language Education: Program Design and Implementation 

By Sonia Soltero, associate professor and chair of leadership, language and curriculum 

Current demographic changes in the PK-12 student population present many challenges for educators, while also offering exciting new opportunities to implement innovative and forward-thinking additive language programs that benefit all students. This book provides guidelines and research-based evidence to build the comprehensive knowledge necessary to plan and implement sustainable high-quality dual-language programs. Factors to consider for planning, implementation, improvement and evaluation are based on extensive research on dual-language education as well as on theoretical foundations focused on pedagogical and linguistic disciplines. This book is intended for educators interested in implementing new dual-language programs as well as those looking to improve their existing models. The book examines the pedagogical and organizational principles of dual-language education and the specific conditions and features necessary for their effective implementation and sustainability. Included are in-depth discussions on fundamental elements that must be considered when putting dual-language education into practice, as well as challenges that often arise while developing and implementing these programs. (Heinemann) 

Spiritual Experiences in Early Childhood Education: Four Kindergarteners, One Classroom 

By Jennifer Mata-McMahon, assistant professor of early childhood education 

Spirituality is frequently avoided in the public school classroom in an attempt to prevent controversy. However, by ignoring, preventing or discounting spirituality, educators can also inhibit children’s spiritual development. In this book, which is based on qualitative research and interactions with both children and adults, Mata-McMahon argues that educators should be responsible for addressing children’s spirituality in the classroom and for re-introducing these topics into early childhood education in order to provide high-quality care through a holistic understanding of the young child. (Routledge) 

Rethinking Sexism, Gender, and Sexuality 

Co-edited by Rachel Harper, adjunct faculty, teacher education 

This 2017 Stonewall Honor Book presents a collection of real-life stories by educators, for educators, on incorporating LGBTQ, feminist and inclusive content into their curricula and school culture. Through practical examples, teachers can learn developmentally appropriate responses to common school issues regarding gender and sexuality, ways to deal with racist and sexist content in school books, and the necessity of moving beyond anti-bullying policies. The editors offer concrete strategies for creating safe and affirming schools that support all children and their families. (Rethinking Schools) 

Basic Therapeutic Counseling Skills: Interventions for Working with Clients’ Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors 

By Darrick Tovar-Murray, associate professor of counseling 

Authored by Darrick Tovar-Murray, associate professor of counseling, with support from his student Jan Louis Gaetjens, this book offers an array of basic and advanced counseling methods to deal with a wide range of cognitive, affective and behavioral concerns. The book is written for counselors-in-training and other helping professionals who desire to learn counseling skills and techniques for working with clients and helping them to resolve problems in their lives. The authors cover the practical aspects of helping and the application of these counseling strategies in real clinical settings. Readers will learn skills to help clients begin to share their circumstances based on how they are seeing, being and doing in the world. The book provides a counseling model that will guide students in their therapeutic efforts and aid them in understanding the entire process of counseling. (Cognella)