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Mojdeh Bayat

  • Associate Professor, Early Childhood Ed; Director, Early Childhood Ed Doctoral Program
  • Teacher Education; Doctoral Program
  • 773-325-1687
  • ​2247 N. Halsted St., Room 363

Mojdeh Bayat is an interntionally renowned expert in early childhood development and the education of children with developmental disorders. She is deeply committed to promoting the educational rights and the quality of life of all children who are at risk for develpmental, social-emotional, and mental health issues due to growing up in adversitities, or due to neurobiological conditions.

  • PhD in Child Development, Erikson Institute
  • MA in Early Childhood Special Education, Northeastern Illinois University
  • BA in Law and Society, The American University
Courses Taught
  • ECE 309/T&L 427 Young Exceptional Child
  • ECE 704 Doctoral Seminar in Child Development
  • ECE 714 Doctoral Seminar in Development, Risk, Resilience
  • EE 384/ECE 385 Capstone in Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • SCG 404 Human Development, Early Years
  • LSI 457 Methods of Teaching Early Childhood Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
  • ECE 306/T&L 423 Functional Behavior Assessment: Intervention and Support
  • ECE 759 Doctoral Teaching internship in early childhood education
  • ECE 769 Doctoral Research Internship in Early Childhood Education

Research Interests
Children with mental health issues, in particular the design of innovative, multi-tiered systemic intervention approaches which involve such children and their families, as well as early childhood educators

Selected Publications
Bayat, M. (In Press). Teaching Exceptional Children: Foundations and Best Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education Classrooms (2nd ed.) . New York: Routledge.

Bayat, M. (2015). Addressing Challenging Behaviors and Mental Health Issues in Early Childhood New York: Routledge.

Bayat, M. (2015). The stories of snake children: Children with intellectual disabilities in Cote d’Ivoire. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 59(1), 1-10. DOI: 10.1111/jir.12118

Bayat, M. (2014). Global Education Diplomacy and Inclusion: Lessons from West Africa. Childhood Education, 90(4), 272-280. DOI: 10.1080/00094056.2014.936192 

Bayat, M., & Schuntermann, P. (2013). Enhancing resilience in families of children with autism through meaning making and mentalization-based therapy. In D. Becvar (Ed.). Handbook of family resilience, pp. 409-424 New York: Springer.

Curriculum Vitae