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Leodis Scott

Leodis Scott is an assistant professor in the College of Education, Educational Leadership Doctoral Program. He earned a Doctor of Education (EdD) from Teachers College, Columbia University in Adult Learning and Leadership.

His research and teaching interests include learning cities, quantitative research methods, and adult higher education-lifelong learning policy. Scott has numerous publications including two edited books: Learning Cities for Adult Learners (2015; New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education) and Quality of Life in Adult Learning (2018; Adult Higher Education Alliance).


  • EdD in Adult Learning and Leadership, Columbia University- Teacher’s College
  • MEd in Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BA in Economics and Philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago

Courses Taught

  • SCG 735 Quantitative Research Methods I
  • SCG 755 Quantitative Research Methods II
  • SCG 775 Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research I
  • SCG 785 Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research II
  • A&S 810 Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • A&S 811 Assessment and Accountability
  • A&S 843 The Politics of Schooling
  • A&S 688 Service Learning for Higher Education

Research Interests
Learning cities; educational leadership; adult higher education; lifelong learning philosophy & policy

Selected Publications

  • Scott, L. (2017). Learning Cities. In A. Knox, S. Conceicao, & L. Martin (Eds.), Mapping the Field of Adult and Continuing Education: An International Compendium (Vol. 4). Sterling, VA: Stylus.
  • Scott, L. (2015) (Ed.). Learning Cities for Adult Learners. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 145. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
  • Scott, L., Watson, C., Liu Wong, M., & Boden-McGill, C. (2018) (Eds.). Quality of life in adult learning. Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Professional Organizations
President and board chair, LearnLong Institute for Education and Learning Research (NFP)

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Leodis Scott cv