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Leodis Scott

Leodis Scott is an associate professor of professional learning, educational research and civic leadership at DePaul University. His scholarship focuses on lifelong learning, educational democracy, right-to-education, and the global sustainability of learning cities in America and abroad. Scott is a founding member of CLEAR (Consortium for Leadership, Education, and Assessment Research) that advances a culture of interdisciplinary research across colleges, departments, and offices of the university in partnerships with academic, corporate, faith-based, nonprofit, and government sectors. He received a Doctor of Education (EdD) in adult learning and leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • CLEAR​ (Consortium for Leadership, Education, and Assessment Research)
  • OIPL​ (Office of Innovative Professional Learning)
  • SCPS​ (School of Continuing and Professional Studies)
Courses Taught
  • A&S 493 Data Driven Decision Making
  • A&S 688 Service Learning for Higher Education
  • A&S 801 Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • A&S 803 Superintendency: Programs, Systems, and Structures
  • A&S 812 Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education
  • A&S 822 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
  • A&S 823 Community and Consensus Building for School Improvement
  • A&S 843 The Politics of Schooling
  • SCG 711 Culture, Power, & Education
  • SCG 735 Quantitative Research Methods I
  • SCG 755 Quantitative Research Methods II
  • SCG 775 Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research I
  • SCG 785 Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research II
  • SCG 899 Advanced Quantitative Methods
Selected Publications
  • Scott, L. (2015) (Ed.). Learning Cities for Adult Learners. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 145. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
  • Scott, L. (2017). Learning Cities. In A. Knox, S. Conceicao, & L. Martin (Eds.), Mapping the Field of Adult and Continuing Education: An International Compendium (Vol. 4). Sterling, VA: Stylus.
  • Scott, L., Mizzi, R.C., & Merriweather, L.R. (2020). Philosophical foundations of adult continuing education. In T. S. Rocco et al., 2020 Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education (pp. 11-21). Sterling, VA: Stylus.
  • Scott, L. (2021). Learning cities as smart cities: Connecting lifelong learning and technology. In F. Annansingh (Ed.), Examining the Socio-Technical Impact of Smart Cities (pp. 68-90). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Scott, L. (2023). Educational democracy: Call for a new age of progressive education. In J. Howard, D. Howard, L. Scott, & A. Freeman (Eds.), Future of Public Health, Education, and Administration. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
Professional Organizations
  • LearnLong Institute for Education and Learning Research (LIFR) (President/Board Chair)
  • Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC) (Executive Board)
  • Civic Federation (Council of Advocates)​