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Transfer Students

DePaul encourages all new students to feel at home. As you meet other students, you’ll soon discover that a large percentage of DePaul’s new undergraduates are transfer students. In fact, transfer ​students make up 40% of our university's population.

At DePaul, you’ll gain a high quality, practical education that balances academic knowledge with professional preparation. You’ll get the personal attention you deserve from our faculty​—many of whom are nationally and internationally known. DePaul was named by Careers and Colleges as one of 12 colleges that offers a top education at less-than-Ivy-League costs. And, DePaul’s College of Education is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education.

We invite you to take a look at our transfer brochure for information regarding program descriptions, general information about certification, transfer course recommendations, online tools that transfer students can use and contact information for admission.


Download the brochure.

Learn more about how to apply as a transfer student and how to reach the Undergraduate Admission Office for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

DePaul has teamed up with our community college partners to help students transfer smoothly from their community college to DePaul. The information in our community college Transfer Guides will help provide assistance in determining how courses completed at a community college may be applied to DePaul bachelor’s degree requirements.

To see if a specific course, or courses, will transfer to DePaul and the specific requirement it/they will fulfill, you can use the Transfer Course List. The Transfer Course List will let you know if the course you completed will apply to your selected DePaul degree requirements and what requirement it will fulfill.

You’ll find tuition rates at Seventy percent of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid or scholarships. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at To be considered for scholarships, submit separate scholarship applications by the stated deadlines. Learn more at