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Initial Teaching Licensure (PEL) with Secondary Education Endorsement

Today’s high school teachers are subject matter experts, but they offer much more than the subjects they teach: They are teacher-leaders and transformers, as well as advocates for in diverse young people in urban schools. They know how students learn subject matter and use engaging, interactive methods to motivate students and ignite their desire to learn.

The Secondary Education Licensure program is designed for those who are invested in the generation of tomorrow and who want to inspire its members to wrestle with ideas, solve problems and make decisions about their future.

Secondary educators teach in high schools. Graduates can opt to advance their careers and serve as department chairs, curriculum specialists or assistant principals. Some secondary educators work as adult education teachers, community educators or tutors, while still others work as education consultants or in textbook publishing.

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The Secondary Education Licensure program leads to Secondary Education teaching licensure in the State of Illinois. It is an Illinois State Board of Education approved program for endorsement in biology, chemistry, English, environmental science, history, mathematics, physics, social sciences and visual arts.

Program Format

To accommodate working professionals, the Secondary Education Licensure program offers courses that meet on weeknights at DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus, online or a hybrid online and on-campus format (although field experience and student teaching requirements must be fulfilled during weekdays). In addition, the program’s schedule is flexible, allowing students to attend full-time or part-time as their professional and personal schedules allow.

Program Requirements

The Secondary Education Licensure program includes 12 courses (48 quarter hours) in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education and Teaching and Learning; however, teaching licensure requires more than a series of courses—there are special requirements such as completing field experiences and a student teaching internship, meeting content area requirements and passing state licensure exams.

This program is typically eligible for financial aid. Please see this document and consult your advisor in the COE.

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