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Degree Requirements

Content Area Prerequisites

Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership students need to have an understanding that DePaul’s program requires students to enroll into a cohort. This model requires students to take two courses each quarter (online), with the plan to complete the program in two years. The cohort program also requires 2 on-campus (or virtual attendance if accommodations cannot be made) summer seminars between the first and second year, and after completion of second year coursework.

Course Requirements

Core Curriculum Courses: 48 credit hours required

On-Campus Summer Seminar: 4 credit hours required 

There are 2 summer seminars required as the only face-to-face obligation of the program. Students will be required to attend a 3-day seminar after completion of the first year of the program, and again after completion of the second year.  The seminar will consist of an on-campus colloquium that will provide students with the opportunity to connect and network with their peers, as well as current employers and leaders in various MSFRL fields from the Chicagoland area. It also will include an opportunity to learn, as we will invite local professionals within the field to present to the students. The last day of the seminar will be for the graduating students to present their research papers or projects. First year students will be required to observe these presentations as an example for their own research projects in the upcoming year.  Therefore, each student will technically attend this seminar twice, first the summer after their 1st year, and then again the summer after their 2nd year. The difference will be the first year they will watch the graduate capstone/research presentations, and the second year they will present their own. Each year the local area professional lectures will change, so they will be able to attend new seminars each year.

Culminating Thesis or Research Project: 6 credit hours required

Students will be required to complete an individualized project upon completion of coursework for the degree. Each project will be specific to respective career choices and will be developed in the second year spring quarter. Projects will be presented during summer seminar.

Academic Standards

Students must maintain a 3.0 average or higher to continue in the program.  Any grade below a C will not count for credit toward completion of the program.

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