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The master's in Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership program draws current professionals from university athletics departments, schools, health clubs, recreation and fitness centers, and athletics clubs or leagues. Our students are being taught by faculty who are known to be not only top-notch educators, but also some of the most respected leaders in the field of sport, fitness and recreation management.

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The MSFRL program is an ideal way for working professionals to dig deeper into Sport, Fitness and Recreation management, while they are often balancing other jobs. The fully-online format gives students the opportunity to work with faculty who have real-world experience at their own pace and in their own time which is often a challenge for professionals in these fields. 

Some people believe that on-line education is a very solitary exercise, but for my experience our students have really developed a wonderfully supportive community among themselves. I am often struck by their generosity in their feedback to each other whether it be in discussion boards or our design critiques. The program has really allowed these students to blossom and develop as leaders.
- Thad Dohrn,  Associate Athletics Director - Development,     
Adjunct Faculty Member     
DePaul University    

The Master’s program in Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership is an incredible opportunity to expand and increase one’s knowledge and leadership skills.  The fact that the program is on-line allows professionals in different sporting environments to access the program when they would otherwise not be able, due to the demanding and ever-changing nature of their work schedules.  The variety of backgrounds and experiences of the cohort provides a rich and interesting environment to learn and grow.
- Lisa Ryckbosch,  Director of Community, Corporate and Professional Relations    
DePaul Women’s Basketball    

"It's an all inclusive program, from sports financing, facility operations to health and wellness of the athlete and very beneficial to those trying to see the whole of the sports industry."
- Jonathan Chimino , Site Director
Northbrook Park District   

It’s great that DePaul has an outstanding master’s degree option for busy sports, fitness, and recreation professionals. Through the online course format, thought-provoking assignments, and engaging discussions, the program provides a rewarding, flexibly-paced learning environment. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the exchange of ideas that flows among students who are current and future leaders in their fields.
- Sarah E. Hardin, PhD, Associate Director - Campus Recreation    
Adjunct Faculty Member     
DePaul University    

"The capstone course enables students to delve into their specific areas of interests in sport, recreation, or fitness to solve a real world issue as they apply course material with additional research. The first year session of the capstone experience allows students to meet face to face and provide a collaborative environment to hone their ideas and assist their classmates and receive feedback from faculty. It was amazing to see how the online communication translated to the in-person environment. They already knew each other so well, that we were able to accomplish a lot in the two-day session. This cohort has selected projects that are not only meaningful to the student but also the constituents they are serving."
- Stephanie Dohrn    
Adjunct Faculty Member    
DePaul University