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Celebrating Teachers


"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."
- Japanese proverb

The College of Education knows that the influence of a good teacher can transform the life of a student. In 2012, as part of the College of Education’s fiftieth anniversary celebration, Dean Zionts founded the Celebrating Teachers initiative to acknowledge and honor the K-12 teachers who have had a powerful impact in the lives of DePaul students. DePaul juniors and seniors from across the university are invited to share their stories about the educators near and far who have inspired them. Esteemed teachers are celebrated for their service in the spring.

Nominate a teacher who has made a difference in your life.

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2017–2018 Honorees

  • Holly Balk, nominated by Kirsti Zimmerman
  • Karen Cunningham, nominated by Sebastien Garzon
  • Amy Diamond, nominated by Daniela Rozo
  • Michael Hogan, nominated by Luciana Mendez Gonzalez
  • Nin
  • os Khouchaba, nominated by Mevlude Becoja
  • Jeremy Mulkey, nominated by Savannah Buik
  • Andrew Walton, nominated by Alec Garza
  • Angela Marshall, nominated by Matt McFarland
  • Timothy DeBoer, nominated by Matthew Verive
  • Rick Foerster, nominated by Christine Mei
  • Kathy Poulopoulos, nominated by Izolda Gargano
  • Lynn Love, nominated by Mirlinda Isai
  • Aubrey Smith, nominated by Kevin Horwitz
  • Jaimee Stephens, nominated by Ana Cortes​
  • Trish Conlon, nominated by Alicia Woppel
  • Nina Gdowski, nominated by Bobby Robaina
  • The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, nominated by Timothy Hawkins
  • Alice Turner, nominated by Habeebah Mazcyk
  • Mary Ogarek, nominated by Aisha Ismail
  • Karen Rodrigues, nominated by John Porrazzo
  • Christine M. Spears, nominated by Shaunna Spears
  • Lisa Thyer, nominated by Micki Burton
  • Sunni Ali, nominated by Jeremy Rhoden
  • Amy Branahi, nominated by Phillip Brownlee
  • Jody Oeth-Boyd, nominated by Felicia Ibarra
  • Glenn Pnnau, nominated by Caelin Niehoff
  • Calvin Stark, nominated by Meena Vhora
  • Jaime Stasiorowski, nominated by Gregory Rothstein
  • Peter Voss, nominated by Shalini Gandhi
  • Christopher Cassidy, nominated by Katie Roznai
  • Myung Chi, nominated by Christian Marin
  • Rhonda Johnson, nominated by Darius Montaguey
  • Darlene Oakley, nominated by Alyson Hankwitz
  • Sofia Orlowski, nominated by Young-Ghee Kim
  • Michael Piskel, nominated by Alyssa Petrich
  • Michele Sanborn, nominated by Libby Villagomez
  • Kristin White, nominated by Kendall Raymond