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Penedo Organization
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Established in 2010, the Penedo Program (formerly of the Penedo Charitable Organization) empowers young women from historically under-resourced communities so they may develop into women of knowledge, faith, and service. Through tutoring, mentoring, and counseling, the Penedo Program imparts to participants the knowledge, skills, and resources to lead productive and meaningful lives. College of Education staff engage with young women from grade six through college, helping participants avoid barriers to success, such as gang activity, teen pregnancy, and violence. These interventions and relationships allow participants to stay on track to graduate high school, pursue college, and confidently achieve.


Each year, the Penedo Program enrolls a new cohort of middle school participants from economically deprived communities for a 10-year mentoring sequence. Designed to support the long-term academic achievement and social and emotional growth of the young women, the Penedo Program provides sustained intervention and resources from the moment participants enroll throughout their post-secondary education. DePaul University education and counseling students volunteer as tutors and counselors, while College of Education faculty and staff members lead the young women through programs focusing on women's empowerment, strength identification, and more. Further, upon completion, the Penedo Program offers resources and financial support for the participants’ pursuit of a college, university, or vocational education program.

Our Programs

  • Academic support services: tutoring; homework assistance; and high school and college readiness consultation
  • Social-emotional support: individual and group counseling; psychoeducation; mentorship; mindfulness training; and friendship and socialization-building activities
  • Summer Program Activities: art; mindfulness; book club; math enrichment; college search guidance; and tutoring

Get Involved

For years, the Penedo Program has provided the resources for young women to overcome their challenging circumstances. Now, having become a part of the DePaul University College of Education, the program is in an even greater position to advance its mission. It is through the generous support our volunteers and donors that the program can continue to have an effect on the lives of its young participants. The Penedo Program invites you to take part in making the difference.

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