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Our Research

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Our current research focuses on the development of Spanish as a heritage language and early second language in a Spanish immersion preschool context. We are also conducing research on the development of spoken and written Korean through heritage language schools for children and adolescents. We are especially interested in the language choices students make with each other and with teachers, the development of students’ grammar, code switching, and identity formation as bilingual individuals.

Selected past conference presentations

Bilingual Language and Linguistic Identity Development in Early Childhood

24th International Conference of the International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies, DePaul University

Presentation Deck

Language Choice and Use by Bilingual Preschoolers: Evidence from Spanish Immersion Preschool Context in Chicago

Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, University of Texas at Austin

Early Second Language Learning Through Language Immersion Preschools

Second Language Research Forum, Université du Québec à Montréal