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Vince Walsh-Rock

For Vince Walsh-Rock, having the opportunity to teach at DePaul is a culmination of professional experiences from over 25 years. Walsh-Rock recently completed a career in public education serving as a counselor, teacher, supervisor, and administrator with experiences from K-12. He finds teaching in the counseling field is an honor, unpacking student lived experiences and incorporating them into their counselor identity a fascinating process grounded in dialogue, co-constructed learning experiences and reflection. Walsh-Rock continues to seek new understanding in the areas of clinical supervision, the application of Relational Cultural Theory in the classroom, comprehensive school counseling, and in the process of cultivating therapeutic alliance in counseling relationships. He also enjoys consulting with schools, counselors and school counseling associations across the country.

  • PhD in Counseling and Supervision, Northern Illinois University
  • MS in Counseling, Northern Illinois University
  • BS in Music Ed​ucation, Northern Illinois University

Curriculm Vitae
Curriculum Vita.pdf