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Sung Park-Johnson

Sung Park-Johnson is the director of the Bilingual Education/English as a Second Language Minor. She is also the co-director of the Bilingual Language Development (BiLD) Lab.

Courses Taught

  • BBE 404/304 Language, Literacy and Culture
  • BBE 555/355/WRD 555 How English Wor​ks: English Syntax for ESL and BE Teachers
  • BBE 570/370 Second and World Language Literacies and Cultures
  • BBE 407/307 Equity Issues in Assessment of Language Learners
  • BBE 466/366 First and Second Language Acquisition
  • BBE 560/360 Second, World, and Heritage Language Acquisition K-12

Research Interests
Bilingual language acquisition; heritage language acquisition, loss, and maintenance; code-switching/-mixing; language assessment; syntactic development by bilingual children

Selected Publications

  • Park-Johnson, S. & Shin, S. (2020). Linguistics for Language Teachers: Lessons for Classroom Practice. Routledge: New York.
  • Park-Johnson, S. K. (2020). Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs About Code-mixing by Bilingual Students. Educational Studies, 56(2), 125-144.
  • Park-Johnson, S. K. (2019). Case ellipsis: Acquisition of variability by young heritage speakers of Korean. International Multilingual Research Journal, 13(1), 15-31.
  • Park-Johnson, S. K. (2019). The role of person in subject auxiliary inversion in English wh-questions: Evidence from Korean-English bilingual children. International Journal of Bilingualism, 23(1), 313–328.
  • Park-Johnson, S. K. (2017). Code mixing as a window into language dominance: Evidence from Korean heritage speakers. Heritage Language Journal, 14(1), 49-6

Awards and Honors

  • DePaul University Excellence in Teaching Award, 2020
  • University Research Council Summer Research Grant, 2020
  • Provost’s Collaborative Research Fellowship, 2018
  • Steans Center Community Based Research Faculty Fellowship, 2017
  • Academic Initiatives Grant, 2017