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Nozomi Inukai

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  • Translation, Research, and Instruction Faculty, Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education
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  • Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum
  • Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship
  • (773) 325-8434
  • 2247 N. Halsted St.
    Office 357
    Chicago, IL 60614​​

Nozomi Inukai is a former Japanese-English bilingual education elementary teacher and was a 2018-2020 Education Fellow at the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue in Cambridge, MA. She earned her PhD in Curriculum Studies from DePaul and has published in multiple edited volumes and scholarly journals including Schools: Studies in Education, Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, and others.


  • PhD in Curriculum Studies, DePaul University
  • MA in Education, Claremont Graduate University
  • BA in Liberal Arts, Soka University of America

Courses Taught

  • BBE 300/400 Teaching Elementary English Language Learners: Theory, Policy, and Practice
  • BBE 301/501 Teaching Adolescent English Language Learners and Dialect Speakers Across the Curriculum
  • BBE 411 Fundamentals of English Language Learner Education
  • VCE 520 Josei Toda’s Philosophy and Practice
  • VCE 570 Ikeda/Soka Studies in Education
  • WLE 375/T&L 575 World Language Education: History, Policy, and Curriculum Development

Research Interests
Ikeda/Soka studies in education, teacher education and assessments, language education and multilingualism/multiculturalism, self-study

Selected Publications

  • Inukai, N., & Okamura, M. (2021). Determining to be hopeful in hopeless times. In I. Nuñez & J. Goulah (Eds.), Hope and joy in education: Engaging Daisaku Ikeda across curriculum and contexts (pp. 10-20). Teachers College Press.
  • Inukai, N. (2018). Re-thinking the teacher-student relationship from a Soka perspective. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 30(4), 278-287.
  • Inukai, N., & Goulah, J. (2018). Josei Toda: Introduction to the man, his ideas, and his role in the Soka heritage of education. Schools: Studies in Education, 15(2), 299-325.
  • Inukai, N. (2013). Soka kyoikugaku taikei versus Education for Creative Living: How Makiguchi Tsunesaburo’s educational ideas are presented in English. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 12(1), 40-49.
  • Inukai, N. (2012). Ikeda research in China and Taiwan: Critical analysis of the Chinese language literature. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 9(1-2), 90-117.