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Melissa Bradford

Dr. Melissa Riley Bradford is a 2018 graduate of the DePaul COE PhD program, having completed her dissertation in Curriculum Studies on the role of dialogue in value-creating education. In addition to her work in educational leadership, DePaul courses she has taught include courses for the Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship master’s program; STEM and student-centered education in Beijing, China for the OIPL; and algebra for the Mathematical Sciences department. Melissa served as a graduate assistant for the doctoral program from 2013 to 2015. In addition, Melissa is a founder of Tallgrass Sudbury School in Riverside, IL.

  • EdD, Curriculum Studies, DePaul University
  • MS, Education and Social Policy Northwestern University
  • BA, Philosophy Northwestern University
  • Illinois Standard Elementary Teaching Certificate for K through 9th grade, 1988
Courses Taught
  • VCE 532 Daisaku Ikeda's Educational Philosophy and Practice (2) Dialogues
  • VCE 560 Dialogue and Education
  • A&S 493 Data Driven Decision Making
  • A&S 496 Stakeholder Relationships
  • A&S 499 Planning for Professional Development
  • A&S 801 Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • SCG 745 Qualitative Research Methods I
  • SCG 765 Qualitative Research Methods II
Research Interests
Soka (value-creating) Education; Makiguchi and Ikeda Studies; Dialogue; Democratic education; Ecojustice Education; Alternative Education Models​