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Jeffrey Kuzmic

  • PhD in Curriculum Inquiry, Indiana University
  • MA in Comparative Education, Indiana University
  • BA in Secondary Education, Purdue University
Courses Taught
  • CS 754 Curriculum Theorizing: Multiple Lenses
  • CS 704 Curriculum Discourses/Perspectives Over Time
  • CS 591 Curriculum Theorizing: Multiple Lenses
  • T&L 453 Teaching, History, and Social Sciences in Secondary Schools
  • T&L 612 Critical Reflections Teaching & Classroom Practice
  • SCG 410 Introduction to Research: Purposes, Issues, and Methodologies
  • SCG 591 Curriculum Theorizing: Multiple Lenses
  • SEC 310 Methods: Secondary History & Social Sciences
  • SEC 364 Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Schools
  • SEC 363 Orientation to Sec. Teaching as a Profession
  • SEC 384 Capstone in Secondary Education
  • EE 355 Methods: Contemporary Teaching of Social Studies

Research Interests
Power, teachers, and research ; The relationship between our understandings of democracy and curriculum theory and practice; Gender, Teaching and Education; Beginning Teachers: Socialization and Induction; Teacher Research, Qualitative Research, Epistemic ocogy; Democratic schooling; Teacher professionalism and professionalization​