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Eva Patrikakou

Dr. Patrikakou has done extensive research in parent involvement, for children with and without disabilities, and its effects on children’s academic, social, and emotional development. She has also researched Response to Intervention (RTI) and its implementation across the U.S. Dr. Patrikakou has presented her work in numerous national and international conferences, and she has also directed the development of school-family programming to enhance home-school relations. Dr. Patrikakou has authored numerous articles and chapters and she has been systematically working to better inform practitioners, facilitate their outreach efforts, and bridge the research-practice gap on issues around collaboration, comprehensive services, and school-family partnerships.

  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MEd, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BA, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BA, Rallion Pedagogical Academy- Athens, Greece
Courses Taught
  • LSI 300 Intro to Special Education I: Exceptionality and Learning
  • LSI 301 Intro to Special Education II: Foundations and Characteristics
  • LSI 346 Mainstreaming Strategies
  • LSI 440 Survey of Exceptional Learners: Psychology and Education
  • LSI 442 Characteristics of the Exceptional Learner
  • LSI 446 Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child
  • LSI 457 Seminar & Research in Special Education
  • LSI 461 Collaboration in Special Education
  • LSI 585 Student Teaching Supervision
  • LSI 608 Capstone in Language, Literacy, & Specialized Instruction

Research Interests
Parent Involvement and Children's Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning; School-Family Partnerships; Response to Intervention; Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Exceptionality​