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Christopher Worthman

Christopher Worthman is an associate professor of Secondary English Education and Director of the Secondary Education Program. His research interests include students’ in- and out-of school literacy practices and adult learners’ conceptualization and use of literacy. He is author of Playing the Part: Engaging Youth in Drama and Literacy (Teachers College Press) and numerous articles in national and international journals. He holds a BA from Anderson University and an MEd and PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has taught in schools and community sites for over 30 years.

  • PhD, Reading, Writing, & Literacy, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MEd, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • BA, Philosophy and American Studies, Anderson University
Courses Taught
  • SEC 371/TCH 471, Teaching English in High Schools 1
  • SEC 381/TCH 481, Teaching English in High Schools 2
  • T&L 525, Reading, Writing, & Communicating across the Curriculum

Research Interests
In and Out-of-School Literacy Practices

Selected Publications
Worthman, C., & Troiano, B. (2017) A Good Student Subject: A Foucauldian Analysis of an Adolescent Writer Negotiating Power Relations. Journal of Critical Studies in Education, 0(0), 1-18.

Worthman, C. (2016). Figuring Identities and Taking Action: Two Teenage Mothers Efforts to Negotiate Strategic and Practical Gender Needs within a Critical Literacy Program. Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning,15(2), 42-74.

Worthman, C., & Troiano, B. (2016). Capillary discourses, fissure points and tacitly confessing the self: Foucault’s later work and educational research. Journal of Adult & Continuing Education, 22(1), 46-67.

Worthman, C. (2013, Winter). Teaching the Teachers: Preparing Faculty to Teach in English. European Association for International Education Forum, 25-27.

Worthman, C., Gardner, J., & Thole, M. (2011). The Three R’s and High School Writing Instruction: Bridging In- and Out-of-School Writing to Reach ‘Struggling Writers’. Pedagogies: An International Journal, 6(4), 312-330.

Worthman, C. (2009). “Success stories”: Adult learners co-constructing a learning context and the implications for identity development. Journal of Adult and Continuing Education, 15(1), 55-75.

Worthman, C. (2008). The positioning of adult learners: The appropriation of learner experience on the continuum of empowerment to emancipation. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 27(4), 443-462.​