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Amy Feiker Hollenbeck

Amy Hollenbeck’s research focuses on educational reform from an integrative perspective, bringing together ideas across disciplines to enhance and support learning in the K-12 classroom. The experiences and perspectives of teachers and other school-based professionals are at the center of her research, as she seeks to understand how educational reform and professional development in research-based instructional practices impact classroom instruction. She is also interested in enhancing the learning of teachers, both through professional development and preservice preparation. Focal areas of her research include reading instruction, special education teacher preparation, and high leverage practices.


  • PhD in Special Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MEd in Reading Specialist, Loyola College, Baltimore
  • BSin Elementary and Special Education, State University of New York at Geneseo
Courses Taught
  • LSI 314 Teaching Literacy to Exceptional Students I Foundations
  • LSI 315 Teaching Literacy Lab I
  • LSI 324 Practicum I Inclusion Setting
  • LSI 325 Topics in Special Education
  • LSI 327 Practicum II: Self-Contained Setting
  • LSI 328 Contemporary Issues in Special Education
  • LSI 329 Teaching Literacy in the Content Areas
  • LSI 402 Instruction and Differentiation in Special Education
  • LSI 430 Introduction to Assessment of Reading and Learning Disabilities
  • LSI 431 Foundations of Literacy
  • LSI 433 Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching of Reading and Learning Disabilities
  • LSI 434 Literature for Struggling and Successful Readers
  • LSI 435 Curriculum Collaboration and Administration
  • LSI 437 Leadership and Professional Development in Reading and Learning Disabilities
  • LSI 438 Reading Comprehension for Struggling Readers Literature-based and Content Area Instruction
  • LSI 467 Teaching High Incidence Disabilities II
  • LSI 542 Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading and Learning Disabilities Practicum I
  • LSI 543 Diagnosis & Remediation of Learning Disabilities Practicum II
  • LSI 544 Diagnosis & Remediation of Learning Disabilities Practicum III
  • SER 405 Teaching Literacy to Exceptional Learners
  • SER 419 Teaching Literacy Lab

Research Interests

  • Preservice and Inservice Teacher Preparation; High Leverage Practices in Special Education; Reading Instruction

Selected Publications

  • Patrikakou, E., Ockerman, M. S., & Feiker Hollenbeck, A. (2020). Perceptions of leadership and clarity of roles within multi-tiered systems: A structural equation model. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 13(4). Retrieved from
  • Patrikakou, E. N., Ockerman, M. S., & Hollenbeck, A. F. (2016). Needs and contradictions of a changing field: Evidence from a national Response to Intervention implementation study. The Professional Counselor, 6(3), 233-250.
  • Hollenbeck, A.F. (2015). The familiar observer: Learning to see beyond the expected in educational research. International Journal of Research and Method in Education, 38(2), 149-165. DOI: 10.1080/1743727X.2014.920809
  • Hollenbeck, A. F. & Rieckhoff, B. S. (2014). Leadership for literacy: A glimpse into the principal’s office. Journal of Reading Education, 40(1), 29-35.
  • Hollenbeck, A. F. & Patrikakou, E. N. (2014). Response to Intervention in Illinois: Exploring school professionals’ attitudes and beliefs. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 26(2).
  • Hollenbeck, A. F. (2013). Beyond talking about books: Implications of the reading comprehension instruction and pedagogical beliefs of a special educator perceived as effective. Learning Disability Quarterly, 36(2), 112-125.
  • Hollenbeck. A.F. & Kalchman, M. (2013). Professional development for conceptual change: Extending the paradigm to teaching reading comprehension in US schools. Professional Development in Education, 39, 638-655.
  • Hollenbeck, A. F. & Saternus, K. (2013). Mind the comprehension iceberg: Avoiding Titanic mistakes with the CCSS. Reading Teacher, 66(7), 558-568.
  • Hollenbeck, A.F. (2011). Instructional makeover: Supporting the reading comprehension of students with disabilities in a discussion-based format. Intervention in School & Clinic, 46 (4), 211-220.
  • Hollenbeck, A. F. (2007). From IDEA to implementation: A discussion of foundational and future responsiveness-to-intervention research. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 22, 137-146.