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Alexandra Novakovic

Alexandra Novakovic is an associate professor of counselor education in the Department of Counseling and Special Education at DePaul University in Chicago, Il. She has a master’s degree in School Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

​Her research interests include career development of women and special populations, college and career readiness, and counselor education. ​Novakovic is a frequent presenter at state, regional, and national conferences. She is a former high school counselor and currently works with adolescent and adult clients in private practice.​

  • PhD in Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • MS, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • BA, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Courses Taught
  • CSL 451 Ethics and Legal Issues in the Counseling Professions
  • CSL 458 Group Counseling
  • CSL 475 College and Career Readiness Counseling for School Counselors
  • CSL 501 Counseling Skills​
  • CSL 520 Counseling Children and Adolescents
  • CSL 522 Delivery of Developmental and Prevention School Counseling Programs
  • CSL 523 Learning Theory and Classroom Management
  • CSL 552 Practicum in Counseling (School Counseling)
  • CSL 552 Practicum in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Counseling)
  • CSL 553 Internship in Counseling I (School Counseling)
  • CSL 554 Internship in Counseling II (School Counseling)​