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Counseling Program Mission Statement

Vincentian Values

The Vincent DePaul Counseling Program is grounded in three core Vincentian values of Justice, Service, and Leadership. Justice is the affective value that transforms the human spirit toward empathy in caring for others. Service is the effective value that equips people to courageously respond to the real needs of individuals, communities, and society at large. Leadership is the advocacy value that brings people together to effect systemic change. 

Our Mission

The DePaul Counseling Program prepares reflective practitioners grounded in the foundational principles of the counseling profession: to enhance quality of life in society, to promote respect for human dignity and to support diversity. Deeply rooted in the Vincentian values of Justice, Service and Leadership, the program is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of social entrepreneurs for cultural, political, and economic advancement. DePaul counseling students gain skills and real-life professional experience in evidence-based practices. Graduates are prepared for dynamic careers in schools, universities and the community.​