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Good News in the College of Education

Welcome to Good News in the College of Education, a listing of some of the great things our faculty, staff, and students have accomplished recently.


Twenty-two Masters in Sport, Fitness and Recreation Leadership (MSRFL) students met for the Third Annual Seminar on July 17-18. This two day seminar provides an opportunity to bring together students graduating from the program as well those just starting out in this fully online program. 11 of the students were completing the two year program and shared their final Masters-level Capstone projects and research. 11 were just starting and had a chance to meet one another and receive good mentoring and advice from those who were completing the program. Program Director Dr. Ani Frank, with Kristen Neisler and Dr. Stephanie Dohrn ran the two-day Zoom seminar which enabled students to join in from their locations all over the country. Guest speakers included Dr. Martha James who shared on the topic of cultural competency.


The College of Education Team made up of Ms. Sandra Tanksley, Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, Dr. Melissa Ockerman, Ms. Kate Liston, Dr. Alexandra Novakovic, Dr. Amy Feiker Hollenbeck, Ms. Gloria Barrera, Mr. Kevin Holechko, and their family members wrote and posted messages of thanks and encouragement online and mailed cards and notes to hospitals, outreach residences, and organizations as part of the 2020 Vincentian Service Day held on May 2, 2020.

Congratulations to the following members of the College of Education community were recognized at the DePaul Academic Convocation held on September 3, 2020.
Ms. Stephanie Berryhill (Gerald Paetsch Academic Advising Award)
Dr. Amy Clark (Excellence in Teaching Award)
Dr. Hilary Conklin (Promotion to Full Professor)
Dr. Jason Goulah (Promotion to Full Professor)


Dr. Jordan Humphrey
Assistant Dean for Assessment
Dr. Humphrey assumed the role of President of the Higher Education Program Alumni Council for the Penn State University’s College of Education. With this role, she also became a member of the College’s Alumni Society Board. Dr. Humphrey will serve as President of HEPAC and as an Alumni Society Board member.

Dr. Rebecca Michel
Associate Professor
Dr. Michel was awarded the Career Success Program (CSP): Responding to Unprecedented Job Insecurity and Loss grant.

Dr. Sung Park-Johnson
Assistant Professor
Dr. Park-Johnson was awarded the The Impact of Heritage Language Education on Minority Language Speakers grant. Her book, Linguistics for Language Teachers, is now published and available.

Dr. Christopher Worthman
Dr. Worthman was awarded the Adolescents Reading the Word and the World: Writing Powerful Middle Grade Literature grant.

Dr. Sonia Soltero
Dr. Soltero was elected to the Executive Board of Directors of the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE).

Dr. Jason Goulah
Dr. Goulah recently published three articles and a scholarly translation:

Goulah, J. (2020). Human education: Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy and practice of ningen kyōiku. Schools: Studies in Education, 17(1), 153-170.

Goulah, J. (2020). Daisaku Ikeda and the Soka movement for global citizenship. Special Issue: “Asian Cosmopolitanism: Living and Learning across Differences,” Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 40(1), 35-48.

Goulah, J., & Gebert, A. (Trans.). (2020). Yamamoto, Shinichiro (1949). Pestalozzi the Great Educator. Schools: Studies in Education, 17(1), 150-152. Originally published in Japanese as Dai kyōikuka Pesutarocchi in the October 1949 issue of Shōnen nihon [Boys Japan] (pages 85-87).

Goulah, J. (2020). Value-creating education for global citizenship. Sakura Peace Journal, 30-35.

Sarah Magnuson
Fundraising and Scholarship Administrator
Miss Magnuson is a contributor for Apartment Therapy Media, which has allowed her to use her free time to combine her love of writing with her fascination for interior design and lifestyle topics. A full listing of her articles can be found at 

Sandra Tanksley
Advising Assistant
Ms. Tanksley was recently re-elected to the DePaul University Staff Council.


Jazmin Brito won Student Employee of the year! Ms. Brito is the Student Assistant in the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum.

Kirsten Perry (DePaul alumna and current President of ISCA) convened the first ever Race and Equity Steering Committee. Several members from across the state are also DePaul alumni, including Brian Coleman, Alicia Funes and Nilufar Rezai. Dr. Melissa Ockerman was also asked to join the team. To the COE’s knowledge, ISCA is the only state board in the country to be developing a Race and Equity Credential.

The following Ed Leadership Higher Education graduates have recently been named to positions at top colleges:
Ray Grant is Dean of Studies at Colby College (#11 US News & World Report).
John Dozier is Institute Community and Equity Officer at MIT (#3 US News & World Report).
Jacob Gross is Global Programs Manager at University of Pennsylvania (#6 US News & World Report)

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