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COE's Stockyard Institute Shares 25 Years of Art and Radical Pedagogy

Image of children on a schoolbus
Jim Duign​an founded the Stockyard Institute in 1995 in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of south Chicago. The Stockyard Institute, an ongoing civic and artistic practice, designs temporary, sustainable projects and programs to serve the most under-served Chicago communities. In September, the Stockyard Institute opened a new exhibition celebrating the 25 years since the founding of the Stockyard Institute. This exhibit titled, "Stockyard Institute: 25 Years of Art and Radical Pedagogy", is currently on display at the DePaul Art Museum​. This work was a retrospective look at past collaborations and contributors, but Duignan also views this as an opportunity to forge new partnerships throughout the Chicago creative community.

Since its beginnings, the Stockyard Institute has been grounded in themes of “love, relationships, collaboration, and self-determination.” This exhibit is no exception. All past works are on display for the first time in the institute's history but there are also ongoing events that involve communal participation. These events include workshops, conversations, and performances all designed to spark engagement and togetherness.